About us

The Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) was founded in 1991 through the initiative of 12 producers who looked beyond their time, envisioning the commercial opportunities that investing in quality would bring.

BSCA is a non-profit association that brings together people and companies in the Brazilian and international specialty coffee markets. It seeks to disseminate and stimulate technological improvement in the production, commercialization and industrialization of these products, in addition to promoting, mainly in the coffee areas, environmental preservation and environmentally sustainable development through programs, projects and partnerships with entities both public and private, domestic and foreign.

The objective of BSCA is, through research, to spread quality control techniques and promote products, to elevate the standards of excellence of Brazilian coffees offered on the domestic and international markets. It is the only Brazilian institution to certify lots and monitor specialty coffee quality control seals, with comprehensive tracking via individualized numbering, which can be consulted by the consumer through the site (www.bsca.com.br).

Who can join?
• Producers of specialty coffees whose property is certified by one of the international certifying organizations;
• Producers in the certification process;
• Associative or cooperative entities involved in specialty coffee processing;
• Collaborators (Warehouses, Exporters, Roasters, Cafés, Brokers)

What are the advantages?
Upon becoming a member, the producer, whose property is certified, can also certify his lot of coffee as to the quality, receiving a BSCA seal and, in this way, increasing the commercial value of the product.

The members of all categories can participate, together with BSCA, in the largest international specialty-coffee-related events in the world, such as the fairs of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE), the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ), the Café Show in South Korea, among others. The participation of our associates in these events has created excellent business opportunities, as BSCA provides direct contact to importers to its members. In addition to this, BSCA participates in the main national events related to the coffee agribusiness, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, fairs, etc.

Another benefit for members is the discount obtained at courses offered by BSCA, in addition to the technical support given at all processes in the production of specialty coffee, from the crop to the cup. The disclosure of the quality characteristics of different regional types of Brazilian coffees is also one of its priorities, through numerous articles for international publications and lectures during the regular visits of its representatives abroad.

In partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE), BSCA created and conducts, since 1999, the Coffees of Brazil Quality Contest – Cup of Excellence, which also has stages in 11 other producer countries in the world. The CoE is a great opportunity to show the world the high quality of Brazilian coffees and allows winning producers to sell their coffees, through Internet auction, at extremely lucrative prices in relation to the conventional market. Given the success of this initiative and the volume of excellent natural coffees produced in Brazil, in 2011 BSCA promoted the first edition of the Cup Excellence – Natural Late Harvest, the only contest in the world oriented especially to natural coffees.

For all the actions and initiatives adopted and for the success obtained, currently BSCA is internationally recognized as the vanguard of the production of fine coffees in Brazil and its operation is ongoing in promoting Brazilian producers and coffees.

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BSCA - Brazil Specialty Coffee Association
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