BSCA: here comes the first official preparatory Q-Grader course

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BSCA is on the home stretch of preparations for the first official preparatory Q-Grader course, which will be held at BSCA headquarters in Varginha, MG, from February 14 – 16, 2017. Taught by instructor Jack Robson da Silva, from Just Coffee, all the course’s 18 seats are filled and it will serve as preliminary training that develops skills for sensory analysis, as well as evaluating defects in coffee.


The entire methodology developed by the Specialty Coffee Association of America for training a Q-Grader will be passed on to the students during three days of learning. Classroom and hands-on exercises will teach candidates to evaluate the differences of coffees form various origins. Students will also receive information to take the theoretical test, but will not take the test as part of the “Pre Q-Grader” course, as it is only done in the Q-Grader course.


The great differential of this training is that students leave the “Pre Q-Grader” course with the knowledge that prepares them to take the official Q-Grader course, in which they can acquire the certificate. In addition, students can also get answers to any questions they may have during the three days of the preparatory course.


One of the novelties of this edition is that the apron used by the students and instructor is the first material to use the Association’s new visual identity (photo courtesy of BSCA). It portrays changes in the sector and expresses Brazil’s strength, intensifying its Brazilianness by using a globally recognized symbol, Brazil’s flag, associated with a traditional icon, a bag of coffee. The work can be seen on BSCA’s Facebook page:



Q-Grader is a global certificate created by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) for coffee classifying and cupping professionals. Certified Q-Graders are recognized as qualified, controlled, and professionally trained cuppers by the Institute.


Since 2014, BSCA is the In-Country Partner (ICP) of CQI in Brazil, which confers on it the right to hold Coffee Quality Institute Q-Grader preparatory and training courses.

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